Proteus 2000

Proteus 2000

This synth spawned a family of brightly coloured siblings with more or less identical hardware, but targeted at a specific genre of music with a unique sample ROM.


128-voice polyphony

32 midi channels

6 analogue outputs, 1 digital output

"Composer" ROM


User Manual: Proteus2KOp-E.pdf

Proteus 2000 Family SysEx Specification: Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf

OS UpdatesEdit

Proteus 2000 family OS 2.26:

E-Loader 1.1:

E-Loader manual: E-LoaderOperationManual.pdf

Software UtilitiesEdit

Prodatum Patch Editor

Proteum Patch Editor

Notable Users Edit

  • Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell - Used E-mu Proteus 2000 for seasons 5-7 of Thomas & Friends.